Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Runbaby Belt review

This product was provided in exchange for an honest review.


#runbabybelt This is wonderful product I love to go walking, hiking, biking, working in my yard this lets me carry my keys along with my iPhone, iPod it frees up your hand or pockets if you have any in your workout clothes. I used this belt when I went on three mile walk it worked perfect I was able to clip my keys to the clip on the belt and slide them into the belt it solved my problem of having to place my keys in my bra as walked.

The product says you place place all cell phone in it well let me tell you that is 100 % correct I own an iPhone 6 plus and have a case on it, which as anyone who has case on the phone know it’s not easy to place it in pocket or into bra when exercising, with Runbaby I was able to slide my phone into the belt with the case still on it, I did have to work little be to get the end into the belt only because I have rubber on the bottom of my case so it does not make it easy to slide into the belt, I also used my iPod, which dose not have a case and slid right into the belt.


Once into the belt I was able to go about whatever activity I was doing nothing slid out of the belt everything stayed right where I placed it that made me very happy person! As far as fit goes, it dose adjust to fit you the band stretches, when sweating it does not bother the skin on a bit, I know some products can give you rash when you start to sweat however this one does not that also sealed the deal that I loved this belt! You can use this belt even if you are working in the house doing thing and you want to carry your phone or iPod or perhaps something you want to carry with you that you can slide into here. This really does have more then one use it’s great for not just running but everything else. I’m so glad I got to give this try thank you again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug By VanDay Review


Before I start off this review I want to let everyone know that I was not paid to write this review.“I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest review."